We prefer to be on the front lines standing shoulder to shoulder with our partners.

With our steadfast orientation to leadership, execution and value creation, we seek out opportunities which provide both the authority and responsibility to lead organizations and drive solutions. We are comfortable making difficult decisions, on accelerated timeframes and with limited information. We thrive on crisis and excel in the often non-linear processes associated with rapid transformation.


Today’s growing scrutiny of board composition, competence, and oversight intensifies the need for proactive strategies to address the constantly evolving requirements of managing risk, complying with legal requirements, communicating with stakeholders, and preparing for known and unknown uncertainties. As stewards of a company’s long-term strategy, operational priorities and overall risk management, it is critical that a board of directors maintain an independent perspective, steering clear of internal conflicts or confirmation bias which may cloud decision making. The introduction of operational distress or the potential for insolvency leads many directors to resign due to uncertainty with respect to the scope of their duties and the potential for personal liability. Misunderstanding of the nuances of distress and the impacts on one’s fiduciary obligations often times results in rudderless governance, ultimately leaving the company’s equity or creditors severely impaired. Our experienced governance professionals fully understand the complex dynamics of restructuring and our fiduciary obligations in the zone of insolvency. We have zero reservations of running toward the burning building even while most others are looking for the exits. Choose wisely.



Operating in today’s complex and rapidly-evolving business environment can present seemingly insurmountable challenges for even the most experienced executive teams. Distressed situations, high growth, and other dynamic conditions require experienced executives to seamlessly assume leadership, implement quick change and drive strategic solutions. Our interim executives’ deep leadership, financial management and operating experience augment and reinforce clients’ existing executive teams in the critical moment when a team is navigating the most treacherous of waters. Areté is a fiduciary firm, we are not consultants. We accept both the authority and responsibility to drive systemic change. We move quickly, objectively, and unapologetically which enables us to contain the crisis, stabilize conditions, review operations, and execute on an action plan that maximizes value for all the constituents involved. Choose wisely.



The Areté Group is a fiduciary and stewardship firm and our Fenyx Asset management platform is no different. Our operational and restructuring heritage drives our deep seeded belief that incentives must be aligned to reach the best outcomes for all parties involved. Managing distressed assets requires specialized skills and a deep knowledge of the operational, financial and legal challenges that organizations face during existential crisis. Most traditional asset management firms lack these skills and are faced with the untenable choice of monetizing the asset, often times realizing a significant loss, or hiring external consultants, who have financial incentives that are mis- aligned with the outcome or value created. There is another option.

We have assembled a highly experienced team of investment, operational and legal professionals to execute on our asset management strategy, utilizing our operational process, legal and credit expertise to navigate situational complexity. Imbued with a diverse set of skills developed across market cycles, our team seeks to aggressively enhance value through key strategic and tactical initiatives, improving core businesses and creating new platforms for growth. Our approach is a highly active one and is underpinned by deep fundamental analysis and focus on driving value for the economic stakeholders. We utilize both an innovative structure and economic model to minimize the economic leakage, ensuring our team is fully aligned with all the constituents at the table. Choose Wisely.





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