We Have Your Back When The World Takes Aim.

  • Experience Matters
  • Character Matters
  • Trust Matters
  • Gratitude Matters

The greatest personal, professional and organizational growth is often forged out of the most difficult of situations.

Areté Capital Partners is a boutique special situation advisory firm which provides independent fiduciary and stewardship services to companies experiencing significant growth pains, complex organizational change or existential crisis.


We seek out opportunities which provide both the authority and responsibility to lead organizations and drive solutions. We are comfortable making difficult decisions, on accelerated timeframes and with limited information. We thrive on crisis and excel in the often non-linear processes associated with rapid transformation.



We bring clarity and bias to action to the governance process.


Leadership, conviction and confidence to make the tough decisions.


Performing as a fiduciary or trustee to maximize the value of assets.

Why Areté. What it means.

ARETÉ ∙ [ä-re-tā’] : n – The aggregate of qualities, as valor and virtue, making up good character

Our name literally means virtue and excellence and we strive to live at our highest potential, every moment of every day. We are guided by valor and virtue as we strive for moral excellence in all we do. In a world of transactions we believe acting with humility and empathy can result in better outcomes, greater organizational growth and tremendous success. In the trenches of corporate warfare, experience, character, trust and gratitude all matter. No matter how tough things get, we have your back when the world is taking aim.